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  • The Ace Case Breakers
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The ACE Case Breakers

The Preliminary Round, the ACE Case Breakers is conducted online. Post registration on the ACE website, the link to the preliminary round will be shared with registered teams only on a set date.

Registered teams will receive a URL, username and password to access the case(s) from either or both the business areas as applied.

Teams are required to use the case sensitive password and username to log onto the Case page(s) and download the case(s).

Each team will have 72 hours to complete the case in the area(s) they have registered for in the preliminary round.

Teams can upload their solutions at any point during the 72-hour window by clicking on the ‘Save’ button on the Case page.

Teams may also navigate through questions and change their solutions within the prescribed time limit provided they have NOT clicked the ‘Finish’ button.

A timer will be running during the preliminary test. Once the timer lapses, teams will not be able to upload any documents.

Teams that wish to upload more than one document may do so by using a zipped folder